Emmaline Zippers-by-the-Yard - SIZE#3

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SIZE #3 (3mm Coil) Zipper-By-The-Yard comes in either 3 yard packages. The #3 coil is suited for spots where smaller zipper coil is needed, like inner pockets, small zipper cases, pillows and crafts. Our zippers are a high quality, durable, zipper that are rated for indoors or outdoor. They are a bit stiff to zip at first, but get easier with use. You can match both your zipper opening on your bag and your inner pockets with our 2 sizes of coil! These are continuous zipper coil, and you can put zipper pulls on from either direction to make double-pull zippers. Cut them as long or as short as needed. ****YOU MUST ORDER **SIZE #3** SLIDERS WITH PULLS TO GO ON THIS ZIPPER TAPE. ZIPPER PULLS BY THEMSELVES WILL NOT WORK. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO FIND SLIDERS WITH PULLS***

Zipper sliders with pulls are not included but are sold on the website.

  • Easy to sew shiny nylon coil with the look of metal.
  • 2 way sliders, so you can add pulls from either direction.
  • Zipper Sliders with pulls SOLD SEPARATELY
  • Zipper Size:
    • #3 coil (3 mm) with 1" (25 mm) overall width

******TO CANADIANS: THESE CANNOT GO LETTER RATE because they are too thick according to CP standards. If Letter rate is offered to you at checkout (for example, your order is $24.99 or less at checkout) please do not use it.