My Onlyness

  • Do you value unique and original monthly curated bundles that are limited editions?
  • Do you create and sew your projects as a form of artistic expression?
  • Do you find happiness and a sense of fulfillment when you get lost in a project?
  • Do you feel big box stores lack personalization or interest over your individual requests?
  • Do you love the idea of curated projects and kits catered to the beginner sewist and  advanced quilter?

If you answered YES, then you have found the right shop for your sewing needs.  We are a modern on-line fabric studio that cater to quilters and sewists who are adventurous and get a sense of fulfillment and joy from their sewing projects.  We value our customers and provide ideas and options to create beautiful and distinct projects.  We carefully curate bundles and kits that offer versatility and creativity using modern, non-traditional fabrics from amazing designers.  Ivy Rayne understands that you are looking for a personalized fabric shopping experience in an era where big box stores are an easy answer but not always the right choice.